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Posts from the mission hospital I worked at.

Under 5 Immunizations

Yesterday on Outreach I worked with Marjorie doing under 5 immunizations and health checks. We were in a small school building and saw A TON of patients!


MCH Outreach

Yesterday Julie, Robin and I went out the MCH (Maternal Child Health) Outreach to a community about 45 minutes away from the hospital. We went with several of the MCH staff. The lady in this picture with me is Mrs. Chiba, one of my most favorite people at the hospital. She has an incredible passion for helping people, teaching and has a fantastic personality. She is always making people laugh!

Hospital Jammin’


Yesterday and today have been holidays in Zambia, so we’ve had the opportunity for a bit of rest and adventure. Tonight we went to the hospital to continue working on remodeling the wards. I decided to liven things up and bring the guitar.

Some of our friends gathered around and we discovered that between us we could sing Hakuna Mungu in 5 different languages. It was a BLAST! Here’s a link to a video of the singing:

DCTs on Outreach

Yesterday we went on outreach with MCH (Maternal Child Health) to a community about 30 minutes off the paved road. We set up in a small brick building with three rooms and no furniture, which was actually a rural school building. We each took different jobs and I was delegated to do DCTs. DCT stands for Direct Counseling and Testing, here that’s what we call HIV tests. It was an interesting experience and exciting to tell some people that they were negative, but very difficult to be part of telling others that they were HIV positive.

Progression of Disease Captured in X-Rays

These three x-rays show the progression of pulmonary edema (fluid collection around the lungs) due to CCF (CHF in the US, congestive heart faliure) and Pulmonary TB. The patient is an 89 year old lady.

In the top left x-ray you see the clear lower edges of the lungs in black and the costophrenic angles where the lungs meet the diaphragm. In the bottom right of this x-ray you can see air in the stomach (that’s supposed to be there).

In the top right x-ray the cotophrenic angles are no longer visible. What was black (air space) is now white, which means something more solid is in there and disturbing the bottom of the lungs. This is the edema (fluid). You can also no longer see the stomach.

In the bottom x-ray (yes, a terrible x-ray) you see much more white and less lung space. This is the edema growing and really impacting the lungs. You can also see more white spots that look like roots in the lung space, these are alveolar infiltrates. This is more fluid in the alveoli of the lungs.

Burn Contractures

Ten years ago this boy was in a terrible fire. As a child he had skin grafts that, due to lack of proper physical therapy and follow up, formed contractures. His left arm is attached to his side and his elbow and neck have very limited mobility. He has one remaining finger on his left hand, his right hand was lost completely. Now he is 17 years old and the surgeon was able to separate the neck fusion and put on skin grafts on Tuesday. We will monitor his progress to see if the grafts take and if it would be possible to also release his left arm. Please keep him in your prayers as he heals from surgery and is experiencing a lot of pain. I’ll hopefully be posting photos in the future as his progress continues!

Dermatofibrosarcoma Protuberans

Today in the Theater a visiting surgeon took this growth off of a lady’s leg. It was crazy! The growth was the size of a fist and weighed about half a pound. The doctor was able close the wound nicely and she should have a simple single line scar (with some tighter skin around her leg). It was cool.