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Posts from Livingstone, the city about an hour away from where I lived.

Sunset over the Zambezi River

Last weekend we went down to Livingstone on Saturday to see the falls and the moonbow. We went to this really swanky hotel to see the sunset over the Zambezi River. We all just got Cokes because everything was so expensive, but with some exploring Tanner found Zebras! I was such a fun experience! Can you imagine, a hotel that has it’s own Zebras (and other animals too).


Visiting the Falls

This is a shot of Dr. Joan and me just above Victoria Falls. You can see “The Smoke That Thunders” just behind us. It was a beautiful day to see the falls! There is so much water and mist now, we got completely drenched when we walked around the lower trails!


Have you ever heard of a Moonbow? There are only two waterfalls on earth that have a moonbow. It is visible only during a full moon. We went tonight to Victoria Falls and got to see this one, it was pretty neat!