Uganda Bound!

image1        I am beginning a three month journey. As I sit in JFK waiting for my flight my heart is already wandering back to Africa, day dreaming of red earth and bright skies, warm hearts and wonderful smiles. I am excited to discover a new place and meet a new community. I know that I will often miss home and my dear family and friends, but mostly, I’ll miss my puppy 😉 (just kidding).

It’s incredible to me that as I sit looking out the window I have seen countless planes taking off and landing, hundreds of people on their way to different places. The world is a buzz with people moving into new experiences, new chapters of their story. I am one among many people traversing this incredible planet today and it reminds me that stories are everywhere. We have so much to learn from each other when we take the time to listen and share.

See you again in August, New York!


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