The Pursuit of the 46

Trail around Avalanche Lake

Trail around Avalanche Lake

In Adirondack Park in Upstate New York there is more to explore than one could possibly see in a life time. Rugged mountains, roaring rivers, peaceful hidden lakes, miles and miles of trails, stunning scenery that has a unique beauty with each changing season, even a way of life and culture that has evolved within it’s boarders.

Here you will find those who value unadulterated creation. For someone like me, the Adirondack Park is a sanctuary composed of earth and sky. A place of peace. A place of mountains. A place where adventure and rest find a balance that brings a fullness to life. A place that is forever wild.

Colden and the Great Range from Algonquin

Colden and the Great Range from Algonquin

I have found incredible challenge, adventure and reward in the pursuit of the 46 High Peaks. These are the 46 Mountains originally recorded to be above 4,000 feet tall in the ADKs. Each mountain is unique in it’s character, summit, terrain, trails, views and features. From waterfalls to rivers to high elevation lakes, to very treed in summits, to incredible unobstructed 360 views, no two mountains are the same.

In this blog I plan to record some of those adventures. As I am already 16 peaks into my 46, I will start off by recounting earlier hikes and updating to recent ones as time allows. My hope is that these posts will be helpful to other hikers seeking information about the mountains and trails, and be an enjoyable read.

Onward and upward!


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